After the appraisal discussion your appraiser will complete a summary within 14 days. The format of this summary is formal, as this document is a professional record of your personal development and may be viewed by others, notably the Responsible Officer. You will receive an e-mail via the appraisal website notifying you that your appraisal summary is available - you are expected to reply promptly.

This is an important professional document, so please ensure that you read it carefully before you agree with the content. If you are unhappy with the contents, reject the summary and e-mail your appraiser with your suggested changes.

Once you have agreed your appraisal summary it can no longer be edited and will be added to your electronic on-going portfolio of appraisal evidence, which will contribute to revalidation requirements.

Once you have completed your appraisal, you can start the process again by choosing your appraiser for the next year. Currently you can select the same appraiser twice in a five-year cycle. It is often helpful to discuss your progress with the same person at a future date.

You will be given the opportunity to provide feedback on your appraisal experience by completing an online questionnaire. This is important to give feedback to the individual appraiser and also to the Deanery, which helps contribute to future training of appraisers.