This section of the website has been designed to help newly qualified GPs learn more about the appraisal process in Wales and become familiar with recording their self-directed development on the MARS site in a way that facilitates good appraisal. More experienced GPs new to Wales may also find it beneficial.

APPRAISALS - An index for this guide

Appraisal: a definition. How it links to continuing professional development, clinical governance and revalidation.

Preparation and how to get started - setting up an appraisal account and completing personal details.

Portfolio of evidence of personal and professional development and guidance on entries.

Resources to enhance your learning - Deanery-organised educational events, Resource Locator, Freelance/Sessional GPs Course, New GPs Course, Protected Learning Time sessions provided by Local Health Boards.

Arranging your appraisal: including choosing an appraiser, agreeing an appraisal meeting and deadline for completion of electronic folder and submission of material.

Information representing your personal and professional development.

Supportive discussion with your appraiser, a trained peer and what to expect.

After your appraisal: agreeing your appraisal summary and giving feedback on your experience.

Lifelong learning and continuing personal and professional development as an individual and team member.

Some appraisal tips to help with revalidation.