There are innumerable audits that can be performed on prescribing. Some may be to do with safety and medicines monitoring, others may be to do with quality and prevention. Audits may identify cost savings or appropriate drug switches. A simple audit may be presented on a side of A4 and is just as appropriate as an 8 criterion standard audit though bear in mind that the latter would be required if being submitted as the sole Quality Improvement activity for a whole 5 year revalidation cycle.

Some suggested audits could be:-

Medicines monitoring and Safety

  • Frequency of thyroid function testing in patients receiving Levothyroxine
  • Regular blood monitoring in patients on Methotrexate
  • Thyroid function testing in patients taking Amiodarone
  • U&E testing on initiation of an ACE inhibitor

Quality or prevention

  • Aspirin therapy in IHD
  • Statin use in IHD
  • Appropriate use of benzodiazepines
  • ACE / AIIA in diabetic patients with micro albuminurea

Cost savings or appropriate drug switches

  • Clopidogrel       - appropriate usage
  • Inappropriate generic use (eg MR calcium channel blockers or theophyllines)
  • Use of enteric coated v. soluble aspirin

There are more suggestions for audit in our All about Audit site.