The following videos have been created and role played by Appraisers to demonstrate good added value through challenge, over challenge and missed opportunities. Watch each video and write down your thoughts of what went on:

  • Were there missed opportunities?
  • Did the appraiser engage the doctor in a way that would promote development (the elusive added value)?
  • Did the appraiser overstep the mark?
  • How would you have done it?

Scenario 1

Doctor has attended meeting on NOAC, has reflected on the functioning of the drugs but has no clinical experience of prescribing them in practice.

Information submitted:

Activity  - attended meeting with local consultants, latest update on new drugs, indication and potential problems with the drugs in practice.

Reason  - new class of drugs available to be initiated in primary care.

Reflection  - Previously aware of the group of drugs but knowledge limited as not available to be initiated in primary care then had not feel the need to update. Change in guidance to allow for initiation in primary has stimulated interest. Since the meeting have become aware of the indications, side effects and problems in prescribing for patients with renal impairment.


1. Greater confidence in initiating the drugs

2. Prepared to switch patients from warfarin to NOAC according to guideline

3. Aware of problems with impaired renal function

Supporting documentation   - certificate of attendance and notes made during the meeting

Video Clip 1

007 PR KH


Video Clip 2

011 PRSW



Video Clip 2b

015 PRSW



Video Clip 3

010 PR RE



Scenario 2

Please read the Giant Cell Arteritis scenario here

Video Clip 4




Video Clip 5




Video Clip 6



This section on EVE was written by Drs Peter Rowlands and Lynne Rees. The original project document can be downloaded in full here.