Portfolios of evidence will be a familiar concept to you but in Wales the format is an electronic integrated system where you have the opportunity to describe a learning activity and provide supporting evidence of continuing professional development and clinical governance activities to satisfy appraisal and revalidation.



To enter information select My Appraisal Material either from the home page or dropdown menu this offers you the opportunity to enter information under one of four domains.

Domain 1 - Knowledge, skills and performance

Domain 2 - Safety and quality.

Domain 3 - Communication, partnership and teamwork

Domain 4 - Maintaining trust

A descriptor for each of these sections is included at the top of the domain entry page.

Each domain is described by three attributes. The attributes define the scope and purpose of each domain.

These attributes relate to practices or principles of the profession as a whole. The principles and values are derived from the full advice in Good Medical Practice. They are the professional behaviours expected of all doctors.


Many activities may fall into more than one domain. For example, you may have a significant event regarding a team working issue, which would be appropriate to enter in Domain 2 as a significant event or Domain 3 communication partnership and team working depending on the focus of the content, which may be mainly clinical and involve patient safety or team working and communication issues. Do not worry too much if your learning activity does not fit neatly into one domain, put the entry under the most appropriate heading.




It is more important that your activity is used as an opportunity to reflect on your achievements, consider how you have applied your learning in practice and highlight any potential future learning needs, which you wish to address.

As a trainee you are encouraged to put one entry in each of the domain sections. As a GP you will have much more information available but it is important to be selective and put a few entries in each domain.

We encourage grouping of similar learning events together. For example any on line modules can be grouped together and reflected on in your folder using a few relevant examples of learning.

Another example is to group all the work done regarding diabetes together even if this is part lectures or part on line work etc. You can then reflect on your whole piece of diabetic education and reflect on how this has changed your practice to benefit patient care.

Your evidence represents some of your continuing professional development in the last year but it is impossible and unnecessary to provide evidence of all your learning. It is important to consider learning that has changed your practice, rather than simply to include many entries without reflections. It is better to consider your learning and how you applied this to patient care or how this has enhanced your development as a person and professional.

You are expected to provide at least one entry in each domain but there is no prescribed maximum number but it is helpful to include a variety of examples of learning using different resources. As reflecting on significant events and audits leading to the improvements in the quality of patient care are essential elements of good practice and revalidation requirements it is important to include evidence of these activities.

You may also enter practice information by clicking on the practice evidence option and adding entries in the same manner. You will be asked to assess the learning credits for each entry provided in your electronic folder. One credit represents one hour of study but you may gain extra credits by demonstrating your learning in practice through providing a reflective case study, undertaking an audit or developing a practice protocol etc. Each GP is expected to provide evidence of learning credits each year in their appraisal material and this will be verified by your appraiser during your appraisal discussion. The website also includes a scorecard to help you assess your progress toward revalidation. This operates on a traffic light system and as you build up a portfolio of evidence which is verified by your appraiser and documented on your appraisal summary. You will see your progress towards “green lights” in all of the areas required by the GMC.