Preparation is an important and often the most challenging aspect of undertaking your first appraisal as a GP, and the Wales Appraisal Website has simplified this.

All doctors who work in general practice are requested to log onto the website and create an appraisal account. You will need your GMC number and an e-mail address to do this. As all communications regarding appraisal are automated messages relating to choosing an appraiser, arranging an appraisal meeting and agreeing an appraisal summary it is essential to provide a valid e-mail address. If you wish to change your contact e-mail address please amend it on the website.



Once you have set up an account the next step is to enter Personal Details via the appraisal dashboard. The data required includes your home and work contact details, your current place(s) of work and role(s) as a GP.  

The next sections require your professional details including your medical degree, other qualifications, and your JCPTGP/PMETB registration date.

Your current practice associations identify the setting(s) in which you work and is designed to allow you to declare an association between several practices and out of hours organisations and to define the capacity in which you work e.g. partner, salaried GP retainer, sessional etc. In the final part of this section you are required to record your primary practice details. This is unspecified if you are a freelance or sessional doctor.

All of this information is easy to complete, and the website is self-explanatory and each screen allows you to save your work before proceeding to the next section.

You will receive a reminder via the website to update this information annually, hence the importance of a valid email address on MARS.