The MARS website has a number of resources to help you find out about revalidation, appraisal, educational meetings and other CPD opportunities. The CPD website has modules dealing with the various processes required by the GMC in revalidation, from the drop down menu there are CPD resources highlighted in the meetings calendar and the resource locator. The library dropdown takes you to a document library that contains all of the processes underpinning appraisal in Wales. 



The help and support section contains walkthroughs of the MARS site, FAQs and other helpful sections to guide you through the appraisal process in Wales.

The Wales Deanery supports sessional GP education and have funded a variety of educational activities for example, support for revalidation meetings. They also run a number of regional sessional GP e-groups. Often there are independent local networks/groups of sessional GPs – ask around in your area.


The 3D Programme: Developing Doctors to Deliver

The Developing Doctors to Deliver Programme (3D) is provided by the General Practice Section of the School of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education PGMDE of the Wales Deanery. It is designed to address the educational requirements of doctors in all parts of the NHS in Wales who wish to extend their abilities in engaging with and influencing the service improvement agenda in NHS Wales.

Intended Educational Outcomes

  • Increased capacity to engage in the improvement of the NHS in Wales;
  • Enhanced ability to work within and to lead teams;
  • Recognise and manage the barriers to improvement in patient care;
  • Develop opportunities which can lead to improvements in the quality of care;
  • Apply aspects of organisational theory to work place and project;
  • Gain insights into the local NHS organisational development by working to improve the delivery of care;
  • Become part of a network of clinicians with a broadened understanding of the NHS with experience of trying to effect change at a local or national level


RCGP Newly qualified GPs

This membership package for newly qualified GPs is called First5®. With dedicated events UK-wide, resources and online forums, the RCGP offer support through those crucial five years from qualification up to your first point of Revalidation.

First5® is based on five pillars:

  • Facilitating Networks- Encouraging peer support and mentoring through the development of local networks
  • Connecting - Promoting a sense of belonging and appropriate representation for the First5 cohort within the College
  • Mentorship (requires login) - making the most of a career in general practice
  • Revalidation (requires login)
  • Continued Professional Development(CPD) and new skills

Although provision varies across Wales, Protected learning time sessions are also organised via Local Health Boards and are a useful general educational resource and an opportunity to learn about local services, referral pathways and network with colleagues in primary and secondary care.