Supportive discussion with a trained peer is the cornerstone of the appraisal process in Wales. Your appraiser will try to be as flexible as possible in agreeing an appraisal date with you. If you choose an appraiser who does not normally appraise GPs in your area you will be asked to travel to meet them.

Your appraiser will be supportive and encourage you to reflect on your past achievements and future learning needs. They will not tell you what to do and how to do it but may signpost you to the resource locator and meetings diary in the library section of the appraisal website or other relevant sources of help and support. You can expect to be challenged (in the nicest possible way) to reflect on your activities and personal and professional development. Appraisal discussions last on average 1.5 hours and the venue should be private and that you will not be disturbed during your meeting.